What is the HDCA?

The Hollywood Dell Civic Association (HDCA) is a non-profit, all-volunteer, neighborhood organization. Comprised of nearly 1,100 residences, the Hollywood Dell encompasses the area north of Franklin to the south side of the Hollywood Reservoir, east of Cahuenga and west of Argyle and includes the following streets:



Alcyona Drive
Bryn Mawr Drive
Cahuenga Terrace
Crest Way
Creston Drive
Creston Way
Deep Dell Place
Dix Street
El Contento Drive
Fink Place
Fink Street
Gilday Drive
Grape Place
Hargrave Drive
Holly Drive
Ivar Avenue
Ivarene Avenue
La Granada Drive
La Punta Drive
La Rocha Drive
Longview Avenue
Lorenzo Drive
Macal Place
Mound Street
North Cahuenga Blvd.
North Georgius Walk
Odin Street
Pilgrimage Trail
Pitcher Road
Primrose Avenue
Quebec Drive
Rinconia Drive
Rinconia Place
San Marco Drive
Timmons Trail
Vedanta Terrace
Vine Street
Vine Way
Weidlake Drive
Weidlake Place
West Logandale Drive
Willetta Street



HDCA Mission

The HDCA Mission is to enhance life in the Hollywood Dell, represent Dell interests to governmental and commercial entities, and support projects and organizations that make a positive contribution to the neighborhood and community.

Article I. Membership

  1. The membership of this organization shall consist of residents or property owners within the defined area referred to as the Hollywood Dell.
  2. Membership is established by payment of annual association dues.
  3. The yearly dues are $50 per household.

Article II. Officers

  1. The Voting Members of the association shall nominate and elect the Officers of the Executive Board of the association each year at the February monthly meeting.
  2. They shall hold office for a term of (1) year or until successors are elected. The term of office shall begin March 1st.
  3. The Executive Board is comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The President shall call and preside at all meetings, shall act for and on behalf of the membership of the association, shall appoint any special committees necessary for the operation of the association business and shall act as official spokesperson for the association.

The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, assume all of the duties of that office. The Vice President supervises the committees; gathering status reports from all of the HDCA committee chairs, supporting committee efforts and making sure the committees work within the HDCA bylaws and towards annual objectives.

The Secretary is responsible for keeping official association records. This includes the minutes for all HDCA general monthly meetings and quarterly board meetings, all sign-in sheets from meetings and events, and records of membership. The secretary is responsible for compiling the Annual Report summarizing HDCA activities for the preceding calendar year.

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping proper financial records for the association, making deposits into the HDCA accounts, writing official checks and providing a brief financial status report at each meeting.

  1. General Board Positions include HDCA Reps (HUNC, Hillside Federation, Hollywood Bowl), HDCA Historian, HDCA Newsletter Editor, HDCA Webmaster, and all HDCA Committee Chairs.

Article III. Committees

  1. The President shall have the power to appoint committees as necessary to implement the goals and objectives of the association.
  2. The Vice President will be the Executive Board liaison with association committee chairs.
  3. Each committee is responsible for electing their committee chair.
  4. Committee chairs must attend regular membership meetings.
  5. Current list of committees includes (but not limited to):

Beautification Committee
Building & Development Committee
Crime Prevention & Neighborhood Safety Committee
Dell Events Committee
501c3 Feasibility Committee
Franklin/Ivar Park Committee
Friends of La Rocha Trail Committee
Green Team
Neighborhood Outreach Committee
Traffic, Roads & Parking Committee

Article IV. Meetings

  1. The association will have regular meetings open to the general membership, the public and any interested persons the second Wednesday of the month.
  2. At least (2) two weeks notice shall be provided in advance of any official association meeting that will occur outside of the established monthly meeting day.
  3. Notification of meeting dates and times will be posted on the HDCA website, via email and on signs placed at key intersections in the neighborhood.
  4. The Voting Members present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum.
  5. A Voting Member is a resident or property owner who has paid current dues and established membership in the association.
  6. The Executive Board shall meet quarterly. At least (3) three members of the Executive Board must be present to constitute a quorum.


Article V. Nominations, Elections, Annual Reports & Installation of Officers

  1. Nominations of Executive Board positions shall be made in the 30-day time period leading up to the February membership meeting. Any member in good standing (current in dues) may submit names for nomination.
  2. Elections will be held each February.
  3. The Executive Board shall fill any vacancies occurring during the year of any Officer through appointment.

Article VI. Fiscal Responsibility

  1. Expenditure of funds of the association may not be made without the approval of at least (2) two Executive Board members.
  2. Financial records and funds of the association shall be audited at least once a year by a committee of at least (2) two voting members of the association appointed by the President.
  3. A Treasurer’s Report shall be presented at the year-end meeting, detailing the incoming and outgoing expenditures for the year. A copy of this report shall be included in the HDCA Annual Report compiled by the association Secretary.
  4. All financial records, reports and documents associated with the finances of the association are the property of the HDCA.

Article VII. Amendment of Bylaws

  1. These bylaws may be amended by a 60% majority vote of Voting Members in attendance.
  2. Proposed amendments shall be sent to all members at least 15 working days in advance of the meeting where action is to be taken or shall be read at the presiding meeting.

Article VIII. General

  1. If any part of the Bylaws or the application thereof is hereafter held invalid or unenforceable, the remainder shall not be affected thereby, and only the affected portions are declared eliminated.
  2. No officer, representative, spokesperson or member shall have any financial liability of the association.