Map of the Hollywood Dell

The Hollywood Dell is East of Cahuenga Boulevard,

West of Argyle Avenue and North of Franklin Avenue up to the Hollywood Reservoir.

Alcyona DriveBryn

Mawr DriveCahuenga


WayCreston Drive

Creston Way

Deep Dell Place

Dix Street

El Contento Drive

Fink Place

Fink Street

Gilday Drive

Grape Place

Hargrave Drive

Holly Drive

Ivar Avenue

Ivarene Avenue

La Granada Drive

La Punta Drive

La Rocha Drive

Longview Avenue

Lorenzo Drive

Macal Place

Mound Street

North Cahuenga Blvd.

North Georgius Walk

Odin Street

Pilgrimage Trail

Pitcher Road

Primrose Avenue

Quebec Drive

Rinconia Drive

Rinconia Place

San Marco Drive

Timmons Trail

Vedanta Terrace

Vine Street

Vine Way

Weidlake Drive

Weidlake Place

West Logandale Drive

Willetta Street